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As you know, with NDIS, the participants have therapy sessions. As part of your child’s development, your therapist will set a skill development program to be implement at home. As a parent, it is always challenging to implement these programs due to things like having no time, finding it too difficult, too stressful and many other reason. 
Due to COVID-19, some of the peer/support groups have been cancelled which makes the situation worse. Care n Help is a registered NDIS service provider. We can help to implement your child’s skill development program. Our support workers are experienced students of Speech therapy, Occupational therapy, Special education or other relevant degrees. They don’t just run these programs like it is just another task, they understand and appreciate these programs and thrive for maximum benefits. Most importantly, you can get this quality service at a support worker rate.

Our Support workers


Support worker

Considerate support worker and a 3rd year speech therapy student.  Experienced in autism and children's education. Popular among the children she works with.


Support worker

Well-prepared Support worker and master student in special education. Experienced in autism and education. Prepared and organised before every session to ensure the best outcome for her clients.


Support worker

Cheerful Support worker and a 3rd year occupational therapy student.  Experienced in autism and personal care. Always has a listening ear and very reliable.

Case Study

Overcoming barriers, leads to progression

LXXX's parents engaged us to run the skill development program designed by the therapist because they knew that:

  • We provide quality and reliable services

  • Our workers are skilful and were more than capable of running these programs

  • We always listen closely to their needs and proactively inform them of the relevant information, especially the useful resources available to them.


LXXX is very attached to her dad. During the first few sessions, she constantly went looking for him. It was difficult to finish any task. According to her mom, LXXX's dad is working from home due to COVID-19 and LXXX will knock on her dad's door many times during the day. At the first session, we realised what the problem was and this was going to halt her progression badly. We talked to the parents to find out more details and paid closed attention to the situation. We realised that LXXX loved to listen to nursery rhymes, especially the songs with action. Evelyn and Carolina, the support workers came up with a plan with some strategies, including preparing with some nursery rhymes with action and props to better build the rapport with LXXX in order to thrive to the maximum benefits.


Provided services

Evelyn and Carolina helped LXXX in various areas, especially in:

  • Follow functional instructions and commands

  • Listening and engaging with songs

  • Use keywords or hand signs to explain her wants and needs

  • Identify and communicate feelings

  • Develop her skills in sharing and turn-taking

MXXX's Progress

We can see the effort and hard work is paid off and she is now able to:

  • Stop looking for her dad during the session

  • Sits down on her chair and focus on the activities, instead of running from one room to another or play with a toy and move quickly to another one.

  • Understand and follow instruction, e.g. "sit down", "give me", "pack away", etc

  • Engage with the nursery rhymes and try to hum along

  • Demonstrate a great deal of patience in turn-taking activities

Care n Help is on the journey with MXXX and her family to reach her goals of living her preferred lifestyle without limit.

The people in Care  n Help always listen to our needs, genuinely want to help and openly discuss the options with us. We have already seen the benefits of using Care n Help service. Definitely 5 star service and would recommend it.


From VXX from Riverwood

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