Benefits of partnering client with the ideal support worker to achieve undeniable results

MXXX is a kid with autism. We support MXXX in implementation of the skill development program. After thorough consideration, we chose Lynnette to be the support worker for MXXX because:

  • She has the knowledge and skillset for running the required skill development program.

  • She has the right characters, e.g. caring, trustworthy and patient.

  • and also the potential chemistry to relate to MXXX.


From MXXX’s parents' feedback and our observation, the relationship between MXXX and Lynnette is something special and crucial in helping MXXX to reach her goals. Before every appointment, MXXX will wait excitedly for Lynnette to turn up and she sees Lynnette as her good friend. She sees the skill development program with Lynnette as fun and interesting. She is fully engaged in the program and it will help her greatly in reaching her goals.

Provided services

Lynnette helped MXXX in various areas, especially in:

  • Problem Solving Skill activities, cream truck play, pop the pig game and barbie play

  • Emotional Regulation activities, e.g. emotion worksheet, “how I am feeling” puzzle and  “draw faces” worksheet

  • Social Communication Skill activities, including keeping eye contact and maintaining a conversation, e.g. storytelling, casual conversation and drawing

  • Turn-taking activities, e.g. farm animals play and  fishing game


MXXX's Progress

MXXX improved and is now able to:

  • Talk about the various emotions with great depth

  • Identify the emotions and provide reasons why they felt that way

  • Appropriate play observed and was able to take turns during play (but for a short period of time)

  • Think of solution for someone during the problem-solving games (but is unable to do so for herself)

Care n Help is on the journey with MXXX and her family to reach her goals of living her preferred lifestyle without limit.

It's been wonderful to meet Care n Help team. They choose the ideal support worker to match our needs. I do feel their caring really come from the heart not just running a business. Absolutely continue working with them.


From SXX in Baulkham Hills

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