Tailored service to a happy client

SXXX diagnosed with autism and has little speech. His parents approached us and wanted to find a support worker who can help Martin in his daily activities, community participation and also the implementation of skill development program similar to ABA program designed by SXXX's therapist. After listening and discussing with them, Carolina was assigned. SXXX and SXXX's parent are very happy, because:

  • She has the right attitude, e.g. reliable, punctual, well prepared and caring

  • She has knowledge and background in such programs. She doesn't just run the program like another task. She understands and appreciates the program. She can run the program with the right intentions and purpose.

  • She can provide very appropriate feedback and observation which are essential for therapists to adjust their programs and can provide insightful progress tracking.


SXXX's Progress

SXXX improved and some of the highlights are:

  • He can complete most of the skill development activities within the given time

  • He responds well to directions which is essential for living independently

  • He understands the process of some daily tasks

  • He can differentiate emotions

  • He can form 3 word sentences using drawings

  • During the outing, he stayed calm and relaxed even without his parents and listened to Carolina describing the interesting surroundings.

Care n Help is on the journey with SXXX and his family to care and help SXXX in their preferred ways and always listen to their needs.

We have had a great experience with Care n Help. They are reliable and always there for us. Care n Help is the right choice for us.


From PXX in Bungarribee