Case study

Our clients are important to us, because they are our family too. Liked any family, we reach out, listen and talk to them. We even tailored our service to suit them. There is nothing more satisfying to see the smile of our clients and they are happy. Some clients are even willing to share their stories.

Tailored service to a happy client

SXXX's parents were interested in our support worker service, but they also had uncommon requirements and needs for the support worker. After discussing their needs with them, Carolina was assigned. They feel that she is the right person and are very happy with the service, support and help


Benefits of partnering client with the ideal support worker to achieve undeniable results

MXXX's parents liked our services and talked to us about their situation, needs and preferences. After some thorough consideration, we chose Lynnette to be the support worker based on many aspects that was required. From MXXX's parents' feedback and our observation, the relationship between MXXX and Lynnette is something special and crucial in helping MXXX to reach her goals.


Overcoming barriers, leads to progression

Sometimes, things don't go as planned. Care n Help faced a big problem in the first session. We partnered with parents to understand the situation and come up with a plan to overcome any and all barriers. In the end, the LXXX can enjoy the maximum benefits of the service we provide them.