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Why Us?

We started our small business to help people overcome the barriers of disability to enjoy a better quality of life. Our dedicated staff work closely with families and carers to ensure that our clients enjoy a personalised service, tailored to meet their needs.

Our professional staff build up long-term working relationships with clients based on a platform of dignity and respect. We are proud to offer a wide a variety of services from reliable accessible transport for attending appointments and local sporting and social activities to in-home personal care, cleaning, shopping and nursing care.

Our  Services

Assist-Personal Activities

- Personal care, e.g. showering, grooming, feeding, drinking, toileting, personal hygiene, etc

- Help with mobility

- Medication reminder or administration

- Help with hoist and sling

-Home safety check

- Continence care

Household Tasks

Community Participation

- Involvement in local sports
- Go to beach or walk in park

- Visit family and friends

- Go to exercise, gym and swimming pool

- Eat in restaurant or Dine out

- Shopping

- Doctor visit

- Go to post office, bank and salon/barber

- Go to event, festival and religious service

- Help to navigate public transport

- Social Skill development with social activities

- Optional group activities

- Regular cleaning

- Daily chores, e.g. laundry, washing, etc

- Meal preparation

- Garden maintenance

- Organise cupboards and personal items for easy access

- Skill development to learn household skills

- Help to prepare shopping list and pay bills


- Pick up and drop off at any location

Community Nursing Care


- Regular monitoring of your vital signs and well-being

- Medication support, monitoring and administering

- Nutritional Advice

- CPAP management

- Stoma Care

- Pressure area care

- Coordination support and referrals to your doctor

- Early intervention and identification of health risks

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