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Why Us?

Your needs is our priority. We are here to help people overcome the barriers of disability so they can enjoy a better quality of life. Our dedicated staff work closely with families and carers to ensure that our clients enjoy a personalised service, tailored to meet their needs.

Our professional staff build up long-term working relationships with clients based on a platform of dignity and respect. We are proud to offer a wide a variety of services from reliable accessible transport for attending appointments and local sporting and social activities to in-home personal care, cleaning, shopping and nursing care. We can also help to implement





It’s been wonderful to meet Care n Help team. They are trustworthy and thoughtfully reliable. Professional management and organisation. Really involved themselves into our family, really thinking either my family and my child’s needs. spent time and patience with us to work out a most satisfied plan and program. Choose the best suitable support worker to match our needs. I do feel their caring really come from heart not just running a business. Will definitely give 5 stars and absolutely continue working with them.


 The people in Care n Help whom we have interacted with are all caring, extremely helpful persons that genuinely want to help us, listen to our needs and openly discuss the options with us. They always arrived on time; professional and yet friendly; have service plans prepared and still flexible at the same time to do things to suit our requests. We have already seen the benefits from using Care n Help service. Definitely 5 star service and would recommend it


 We have had a great experience with Care n Help. They are reliable and always there for us. Care n Help is the right choice for us.

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Our  Services

Daily personal assistance

Assist-Personal Activities

- Personal care, e.g. showering, grooming, feeding, drinking, toileting, personal hygiene, etc

- Help with mobility

- Medication reminder or administration

- Help with hoist and sling

- Skill development, Click to find out more

Household task

Household Tasks

- Regular cleaning

- Daily chores, e.g. laundry, washing, etc

- Meal preparation

- Garden maintenance

- Organise cupboards and personal items for easy access

- Help to prepare shopping list and pay bills

Community participation

Community Participation

- Involvement in local sports
- Go to beach or walk in park

- Visit family and friends

- Go to exercise, gym and swimming pool

- Eat in restaurant or Dine out

- Shopping/Doctor Visit

- Go to post office, bank and salon/barber

- Go to event, festival and religious service

- Help to navigate public transport

- Social Skill development, click to find out more

- Optional group activities



- Pick up and drop off at any location

We also can help you and your family to implement home therapy program, click to find out more

Community nurse

Community Nursing Care

- Regular monitoring of your vital signs and well-being

- Develop care plan

- Medication support, monitoring and administering

- Stoma Care and pressure area care

- Coordination support and referrals to your doctor

- Early intervention and identification of health risks

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